Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Abbeville Institute

The lectures from the Abbeville Institute’s 2005 and 2006 Summer Schools are available on-line. The subject of 2005 was “Re-Thinking Lincoln: The Man, The Myth, The Symbol, The Legacy" and is a series of fifteen lectures. My wife and I attended the conference and highly recommend listening to the series. The 2006 subject was “The Southern Agrarian Tradition” We were not able to attend the summer school that year. I thank the Institute for making the lectures available. All of the lectures are very informative, but Professor Tobias Lanz’s “The Agrarianism of Wendell Berry” is probably one of the best introductions to Wendell Berry that I’ve heard. The lecture ends, like Berry often does, with examples of practical application. The 2008 Summer School “Northern Anti-Slavery Agitation” is scheduled for June 10-15. For more information about the Abbeville Institute please visit their website.

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