Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gardening Report: 29 March 2008

Today we harvested the last of the Nero DiToscana Kale and transplanted a tray of Freckles Romaine and Parris Island Romaine Lettuce into the front yard garden. We also planted into a container some more Crimson Giant Radishes (29 days) and planted into a tray some Bush Champion Cucumbers (55 days) and some Early White Bush Scallop Squash (50 days). A cluster of Black Pearl Peppers emerged from the compost pile and we transplanted them into a tray. So we now have over twenty plants of that very hot variety of pepper. I’m sure we can figure out something to do with them. From the compost pile (and from the compost that was mixed into our beds) we also have tomatoes and potatoes popping up.
Nero DiToscana Kale

Day Five

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Raising the next generation of rEVOLutionaries.

Birth Photos: Naomi Jean Andress, 25 March 2008

Naomi Jean Andress

Announcing the birth of our beautiful gift from God, Naomi Jean Andress. Seven pounds, three ounces, she was born at 2:08 in the afternoon on Tuesday the 25th of March 2008. We thank everyone for their prayers and support.

Knight English Peas

Knight English Peas (56 days) planted Jan. 11

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radishes & Carrots

Crimson Giant Radish (29 days)

Short 'n Sweet Carrots (68 days)

19 March Planting

Yesterday we transplanted two trays of Lettuce and Pak Choi into one of the beds in our front garden. These were the seeds planted into trays on 11 Jan. Also we planted into the front garden along the walkway the following varieties: Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard (60 days), Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (45 days), Common Chives, Sweet Basil, Coriander, Sage, True Lavender, Cosmos, Shirley Poppy, Texas Bluebonnet, Magic Fountains Delphinium, First Ladies Snapdragon, Digitalis Foxglove, Crakerjack Marigold.

Today we planted into a tray the following varieties: Mammoth Sunflowers, Sweet Basil, Mammoth Dill, Early Golden Summer Crookneck Squash (55 days), Burpee’s Hybrid Zucchini (50 days), Cool Breeze Cucumber (45 days). We also planted into the south east garden the following varieties of Sunflowers: Mammoth, Aztec Gold Hybrid, Cutting Gold, Chianti Hybrid.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March First Planting

The following varieties were planted today into trays and are inside our small greenhouse: Patio Hybrid Tomatoes (65 days), Costoluto Genovese Tomatoes (70-80 days), Yellow Taxi Tomatoes (58 days), Giant Tree Tomatoes (85 days), Sweet Banana Peppers (70 days), Jalapeno Peppers (75 days), Chinese Giant Peppers (80 days), Burpee Hybrid Eggplant (70 days), Parris Island Romaine Lettuce (68 days), Freckles Romaine Lettuce (70 days).

The following varieties were directly planted into the garden: Bush Champion Cucumbers (55 days), Burpee’s Hybrid Zucchini (50 days), Early Golden Summer Crookneck Squash (53 days), Early White Bush Scallop Squash (50 days). I also planted more Evergreen Bunching Onions and Crimson Giant Radishes.

Thirty-Five Weeks